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We are probably on version ten at least of our WebPages design although we have to say that they are constantly evolving -if not doing their own thing on occasions! Since when did anyone feel confident that they had total control over any WebPages?

You the user may pick up points which due to our familiarity we fail to notice, or may not realise can be annoying! PLEASE DO TELL US - OUR GRATITUDE IS KNOWN TO BE EDIBLE! Our primary concern is to have a friendly and happy relationship with all those who arrive on our website.  We are very people orientated. Although IT may have arrived in the more remote areas of Scotland we are of the opinion it is the people behind the machines that make or break that contact.

However it is as well to understand that although www.smokedsalmon.uk.com is us, it is the Royal Bank of Scotland for the financial transaction.  If any of these should fail to function correctly please do let us know. We require them to operate very smoothly indeed.

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