Fresh Seafood 

We are pleased to offer you fresh  Scallops and Langoustines, all sourced locally  here in the Highlands.

Fresh Farmed Sea Bass from Greece has been a recent introduction to our sales offering for local hotels and restaurants, If you would like to purchase (and you are in the Highland area) a case (6kg) of fish (usually containing about 12 fish) for 40 plus delivery, get in touch, we would be pleased to hear from you.

Chef, Jammie Maclennan from Kinkell House Hotel, a fellow seafood 'nut'  recently cooked these Sea Bass - they were so fresh he said "it was a shame to fillet them", he just cooked and served them whole on the bone, to really pleased clients

Recently we received our first delivery of farmed Barramundi from New Forrest Barramundi, they were delicious and will be a part of our regular weekly offering  of fresh fish.

To purchase fresh seafood, you will have to contact us direct, as yet we have not put these items on the web site

Because fresh seafood (especially shellfish) is very dependant on the weather as to availability, overseas shipment just becomes too complicated. So our offering  is to customers within the UK !

The supply of langoustines and Scallops at the present time are good and so getting you product is only determined by the weather.

When placing orders for fresh seafood, always remember to give us a telephone number so that our courier can call in advance of delivery, especially if you are sending them to someone as a gift.