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Who are we? We are Ron and Claire Palmer and we are proud to be the new owners of Dundonnell Smoked Salmon. Dundonnell Smoked Salmon having been based on Little Loch Broom and for  years sourced its smoked salmon from Lossie Seafoods Ltd in Buckie continues this relationship. The business is no longer on Loch Broom, but is now based near Inverness, this has the advantage that we are close to the main trunk route south and we can get our parcels to the courier company that morning and you should receive your parcel next day. We prefer to send out Monday Tuesday and Wednesday, Thursday at a push and definitely not Friday, for fear that a parcel will get held up over the week end in an ambient depot.

In the Beginning

Dundonnell Salmon was ‘born’ in 1982 in the middle of this glorious Wester Ross coastline at Laide Fishing Station, on Gruinard Bay. As a young couple, Aida and Brian Eadie netted the salmon that they sold locally, often to visitors. If there was any surplus, it was smoked and sent out mail order, mainly at Christmas time. Over the years the mail order has grown to be worldwide. Sadly because of the rarity of wild salmon we no longer provide fresh salmon and the whole basis of our business is now based around farmed salmon, however it would need to be said that we have plans afoot to be able to offer a very special wild smoked salmon so that we continue to have a wild element to what we have to offer you. Initially the volumes will be limited, but more about this later.

In time Dundonnell Salmon’s growing band of dedicated customers have become friends - almost an exclusive club for lovers of our succulent delicacy, premier quality, lightly smoked salmon. As a result of requests new lines have been introduced.

A few years ago Aida, who had become the main mail-order person, decided that she could no longer cope alone with the growing number of customers, and all the paperwork that entailed. Modern technology and Aida seemed destined to not be compatible, like chalk and cheese; so the running of the business was passed to Simone Nelson (in 1996) who lived just over the hill on the shores of Little Loch Broom. Then during 2003 it moved to the smokehouse in Buckie on the Moray Firth - having completely outgrown Sea View (Simone and Ian Nelson’s home) - poor Ian could see the day coming when all that might be left for him was standing place in a corner! 

Aida’s immaculate hand written records were meticulously transferred onto a database, which had been specially prepared to run a mail order business by a local Computer Consultant Peter Hayball (who thankfully is never too far away). 

Aida now!

Aida has moved into slightly new pastures by opening up ‘Creative Designs’ at Corriehallie right at the head of Little Loch Broom. Huge collection of really unusual cards, lovely gifts, self-help books and of course, Mr Ian Nelson's pictures. Located in a really idyllic setting beside their own tumbling water, a very popular spot. More recently Brian has transferred his fishing skills to taking folk on fast motor boat trips to the Summer Isles - Seascape its called - exciting stuff!.

View towards An Teallach

Across the Fain # 4


Simone, and Aida before her, wanted to do their bit to keep a thriving local community this also is true of us, the new owners, albeit the business has moved, our local community is almost as fragile and we firmly believe that we should ‘do as you would be done by’. Our aim is to offer you, our potential customer a product in which we have total faith, together with truly personal service of the very highest order.

A real person namely me - Ron or Claire
will always answer any communication.

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