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Latest Product news for 2006

Wild Smoked Salmon: We have introduced for Christmas 2005 an offering of Wild Alaskan Smoked Salmon. We have done this in response to requests for Scottish Wild, whilst this is a much pressured fish we thought we would rather not add further pressure and as the Alaskan Fishery is thought to be nearer to being sustainable we thought we might offer a product from that resource. The taste and texture is very different from the farmed salmon and very close to the Scottish wild we new of old, try it and see for yourself.

Smoked Organic Salmon - this is made from Salmon reared on special Organic diets approved by the UK Soil Association, these people, as you will know, are the body who oversee the whole Organic movement. So these fish are pale like organic salmon as their colour is derived from Natural pigments. We will bring you a fuller Organic information paragraph shortly.

Hampers - We wanted to improve this feature of our offering as we were being asked for hampers with a more Scottish identity. We trawled round a number of friends locally and came up with lots of products like sweets, oatcakes, whisky cake, honey, cheese, dill mustard etc. See our web page for the full contents of our exciting new hampers.

We have plans also for a seafoody hamper featuring not only our smoked salmon but Orkney Herring, Salmon eggs Caviar and other fishy products, watch this space.

Wooden Gift Boxes - For the moment we are out of stock on wooden boxes but as soon as we have them back we will update our pages. (Our ever popular 1kg Sliced Side can now be purchased in a wooden gift box, with a splash of Tartan - for that extra special gift) on hold for the moment!

(Our second choice is for specially for all you Whisky lovers out there! The same wooden box contains 1 x 200gm of Glenfarclas Whisky cured smoked salmon, 1 x 200gm of Macallan Supreme smoked salmon, 1 x 200gm of Highland Park Smoked Salmon and finally 1 x 200gm of Dundonnell smoked salmon) also on hold for now.

We still can offer the 1kg side and the selection of four packs as above but not in a wooden box

Finally, why not try some of our delicoius Hot Smoked Mackerel Fillets. These come in four pair packs with the following flavours: Plain, Peppered, Lemon & Parsley and Herb.


Simone's Notes on the Symposium.

Atlantic Salmon Symposium - was held in Edinburgh University  in July 2002.  I attended as I had been a member of the Trust for a number of years and it seemed foolish to miss the opportunity.  I thought it might be well over my head if the papers were all delivered by Scientists.  However as an International gathering the language was on the whole straightforward.  Just a few words I need to look up - one of which I suspect means seal's droppings!

The presentations were all  very clear  and provided excellent information. Although salmon farms get to be the bad boys on the whole there were many other damaging factors that contribute to the near extinction of the king of fish in the wild. Not least our Victorian forefathers activities on river banks.  The demise of the famous ship building activities on the Clyde may be a national disaster - but who would believe that salmon have been spotted subsequently?

There is as big push to finally close the  NE net fisheries, which would allow many thousands of wild fish to spawn in their natural habitats. Although the nets men are pushing for large sums in compensation, they must recognise that if they continue eventually there will be no fish anyway. Of course there are 100,000s of wild fish netted off the coast of Ireland and one must wonder if they all carry Irish passports.

The conclusions were that there should be every endeavour to produce salmon farm free zones on the Western shores of Scotland, to allow the return of salmon to some of the famous rivers.  Salmon farmers should aim at zero lice.  More investigation into what happens to salmon at sea should be funded - possibly by those multinationals whose images need to be enhanced in the current climate.

These are Simones conclusions at the end of three days  at the symposium.





Please note that all our prices EXCLUDE delivery except in the case of our hampers and Wooden Gift boxes. 6.50 should be added for delivery in the UK. For deliveries out-with the UK freight costs start at 18.00 for the fist 2kg, therefore a few items may be sent for just one freight charge. The Charge for delivery outside the UK is subject to monthly change due to a FUEL SURCHARGE, so the above figure is only a guide price

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Bad Press  - In recent times there has been a lot of adverse publicity regarding the salmon farming industry. 

We can assure you that we have only ever dealt with those concerns that adopt the highest standards of production and will continue to do so. All salmon and trout come from sources that have a proven track record and uphold best industry practice in terms of husbandry, animal welfare and care.

Whilst the salmon is a robust fish it is true to say that they only respond well to good management and given the right nutrition, freedom from disease and low density stocking they grow well and thrive in the best of conditions, pollution, poor nutrition and disease leads to poor growth stress early onset of sexual maturity and this leads to poor flesh colour and declining quality.

In the wild

The general demise of the wild salmon has been causing great distress to many environmental bodies and concerned public. Much sterling work is now being done to understand the causes and there is a growing desire to remedy the situation.

I hope to lead you to more information on this front. Dr James Butler was working on behalf of the Wester Ross Fishery Trust in this immediate area and has already produced reports on some of his findings. Of course Scotland is not alone in this ‘natural’ disaster. North American stocks are greatly depleted, as are those of the Scandinavian Countries. We heartily commend the North Atlantic Salmon Trust, which is supported internationally.  We are pleased now to be able to give you a link to the latter's Web Pages where you can find much more information on the current situation.


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